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This directory gives a quick view of what the accordion means to musicians from all over the world. The websites are sorted by countries they come from. The descriptions are quoted from the original pages or have been submitted. Some websites do not have an English version but free SHEET MUSIC & RECORDINGS are highlighted.


  • Don Quattrocchi SHEET MUSIC
    contributed most of his life promoting the piano accordion. During the 70's he had the largest music school in country Victoria.
  • John Colville RECORDINGS
    Puts the Ease In Squeeze - Accordionist, Concert Performer, Dance Musician, Session Musician, Workshop Presenter, Public Speaker.


  • 1. Grazer Harmonikaclub accordeana RECORDINGS
    Homepage des 1. Grazer Harmonikaclubs "accordeana Graz"
  • Deishovida RECORDINGS
    is a group of musicians who re-feel the paths of living cultures where they always bump into new and exciting forms of musical expressions.
  • Original Stiefelbein Bluhs-Bänd RECORDINGS
    Lyrics in german-Viennese-dialect with fine or often heavy irony accomplish full-power-music of guitar, accordeon and violin.
  • Wolfgang Dimetrik RECORDINGS
    classical accordion - contemporary music, baroque, classic, tango.


  • Acclarion RECORDINGS
    Canada's only classical accordion and clarinet duo, performing virtuosic music from classical to folk. Site contains listening samples, bios, tour dates, and online CD store.
  • Zmarim - The Saskatoon Klezmer Band RECORDINGS
    Music from Scripture, humorous Yiddish tunes, traditional Romanian horas and the energetic Israeli type, music from the Middle East, jazz, traditional klezmer, Broadway show tunes.



  • Bernard Loffet RECORDINGS
    My work is quite unusual. I make and repair musical instruments in my workshop, mainly wind instruments like clarinet, oboe, saxophone, flute, bassoon... and I make and repair accordions.
    Music Publishing and Production.
  • Jerome Richard RECORDINGS
    "His faults: too many qualities!" Frédéric Deschamps
  • Max Lhopital SHEET MUSIC
    Accordeoniste - Auteur - Compositeur.
  • Musiques traditionnelles en liberté SHEET MUSIC & RECORDINGS
    Music tunes (scores, MIDI and MP3 files), information (instruments, dances, costumes, etc...), a trad e-zine, music bands and dance teams, dates (workshops, bals folks, shows), discussion and exchange forums. By Paul Guieze.
  • Sara Alexander RECORDINGS
    The voice of peace in the middle-east.
  • Yann-Fañch Perroches SHEET MUSIC & RECORDINGS
    For me the diatonic accordion and Breton music are universal. Swing, melancholy and harmony. "The power, purity and delicacy of his playing sends shivers down your spine..." Accordéon Magazine


  • 1. Akkordeon Club Niederkassel e.V. RECORDINGS
  • Akkordeon-Orchester Baltmannsweiler e.V. RECORDINGS
    Let's make music for enjoyment to others and yourself!
  • Akkordeon-Orchester Hamburg-Eimsbüttel von 1949 e.V. RECORDINGS
  • Akkordeon-Orchester Heider Spielgruppe Dortmund-Mengede e.V. RECORDINGS
    Wir machen Freizeit zum Vergnügen - zu dem unserer Zuhörer und zu unserem eigenen!
  • Akkordeon Orchester jmk Ruppichteroth e.V. RECORDINGS
  • Akkordeon Orchester Kuppenheim RECORDINGS
    Unter Diskographie kann man mehrere Ausschnitte unserer beiden CDs anhören. Ansonsten bietet die Seite viel Information zum Orchester, Projekten, Repertoire sowie Veranstaltungshinweise.
  • Akkordeon-Orchester Wesseling (Rheinland) RECORDINGS
    Informationen über uns, unsere Konzerte und Aktivitäten (inklusive Terminplan und aktuellen Berichten mit Fotos), über unsere Musikkassetten und -CDs sowie unsere Mitglieder.
    Für Akkordeon-Orchester können Kompositionen und Bearbeitungen von Hans-Peter Balz bei mir angefordert werden.
  • Andrej Jedig RECORDINGS
    Akkordeonsolist. Klassik, russische Volksmusik, Musette und Chansons, Piazzolla, Jazz-, Pop- und Rockmusik.
  • Angelica Paulic RECORDINGS
    Akkordeon-Buch zum Hören und Spielen / Basics und CD :: Akkordeonmusik :: "place au soleil / accordeonsolo".
  • Braunschweiger Akkordeon-Orchester RECORDINGS
    Auf den folgenden Seiten erfahren Sie alles Wissenswerte über das Braunschweiger Akkordeon-Orchester. Sie können sich auch einige Musikbeispiele von unseren veröffentlichten CD's anhören.
  • Das Blaue Einhorn RECORDINGS
    Weltmusik, Chansons, Klezmer, Romalieder, Süden, Osten, Tango, Rembetiko, Fado, Konzert, Tanz...
  • Detlef Gödicke RECORDINGS
    ist Akkordeonist, Bandleader (u. a. Hanne Hallers Begleitband New Fashion Band) und Mitinhaber des Musicland-OHZ. Mit viel Humorigem zum Thema Akkordeon.
  • Ensemble Libertango RECORDINGS
    handles a large repertoire of Tangos, Milongas and Valzesitos. Our concert program centers around works of Astor Piazzolla.
  • Erster Freiburger Akkordeon-Club RECORDINGS
    Vorstellung des Orchesters aus dem Raum Süddeutschland/Baden-Württemberg/Südbaden.
  • feinschwing SHEET MUSIC & RECORDINGS
    Musik mit Folk und Jazz.
  • Halotria SHEET MUSIC
    Spasslieder-Scherzlieder-Trinklieder, by Reinhard Bee.
  • Harmonikaring 1953 Berghausen e.V. RECORDINGS
    Check "Archiv (Ton)" for recordings.
  • HHC Frickenhausen RECORDINGS
  • In Search Of A Rose RECORDINGS
    Folkpop 'n Irish beat music.
  • Lothar Meunier RECORDINGS
    versteht es, mit Musikalität, Charme und dem Gefühl für die Wünsche des Publikums zu überzeugen. Akkordeonmusik von Hand gemacht.
  • Lutz Strenger RECORDINGS
    spielt die Klassiker der Musette-Ära. Mit Schal und Baskenmütze überzeugt er seine Zuhörer - ob Piaf, Aznavour, Becaud oder Montand - handgemachte "Musette a l'accordeon".
  • Michel Biehler RECORDINGS
    Musik mit Melodie. Außer Musette und Swing Musette bietet Michel Biehler auch Balkan Music und Folklore von Irland bis Russland an. Aufnahmen finden Sie unter "Downloads".
    Hier können Sie sich eine Auswahl von Partituren und Einzelstimmen für Akkordeonorchester kostenlos downloaden.
    is an accordionist from Berlin who also wrote and arranged a number of accordion books and sheet music collections in different styles. His site offers various informations on accordion and bandoneon.
    of Berlin are Silva Finger, violin, and Gerhard A. Schiewe, accordion. The arrangements by Gerhard A. Schiewe make compositions of Piazzolla, Galliano, Portal, "Madredeus" sound in a never heard way.
  • Søren Thies RECORDINGS
    Klezmer, Folk, Musette, Chansons.
  • Steffen Zingel SHEET MUSIC
  • Tino Jeschek SHEET MUSIC
    Accordion compositions and arrangements.
    Akkordeonmusik original & international.


  • Grigoris Belavilas RECORDINGS
    Composer and accordion, keyboards and piano performer. Greek and Balkan music.


  • Alan Kelly RECORDINGS
    is fast becoming renowned as a piano-accordion player par excellence.
  • Dermot O'Brien RECORDINGS
    Singer, accordionist, songwriter, arranger, producer and sportsman. The list of his accomplishments is endless!


  • Lior Navok SHEET MUSIC
    wrote Blurred formations for classical guitar and accordion.


  • Emanuele Rastelli RECORDINGS
    dedicates himself to various musical genres: Jazz, Musette, Tango, Brazilian, etc.
  • Mauro Savin SHEET MUSIC
    wrote pieces for Diatonic button accordion.
  • Silvia Pagni RECORDINGS
    performs in international concerts impressing the audience with her talent, contributing to the spreading of the accordion culture in the world.


  • Concertino RECORDINGS
    is a fascinating ensemble of ten young professional musicians. With 7 accordions, piano, flute/bass and percussion/drums Concertino covers a wide range of classical and popular music.


  • Accordéon Mélancolique RECORDINGS
  • Henk Lippens / I PAZZI RECORDINGS
    Italian music, French Musette, Gypsy, Hot-Club, Dutch songs, Spanish, Tango and Klezmer are skillfully and passionately performed, by ccordionist/violinist Henk Lippens: Solo and with his Duo/Trio I PAZZI.
  • Orkest Polytour RECORDINGS
    "Most sophisticated entertainers of the Tulip festival: The Polytour band, a quartet of musicians from the Netherlands, who performed each evening in the Dutch Café." Ottawa Citizen, Canada
  • Peer van der Burgh RECORDINGS
    performs shanties, ballads, swing, musette and many more styles.
  • Thijs Hanrath RECORDINGS
    I am a musician/singer. I play the accordion in the street, at marriages, exhibitions etc. I write and compose songs, poems, stories, cabaret...
  • Two of a Kind RECORDINGS
    The musical show of Two of a Kind is an unique combination of musical styles and instruments and sparkling entertainment.

New Zealand

  • Gary Daverne RECORDINGS
    Gary Daverne was presented with the prestigious Scroll of Honour by the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand "for his dedication and skill in his craft and for bringing the joy of orchestral music to the people."
  • Lionel Reekie RECORDINGS
    has appeared as a soloist on stages in many countries including USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Silvio De Pra RECORDINGS
    has an endless repertoire of international music from romantic European to the melodic masterpieces of Italy.


  • Jacek Grekow RECORDINGS
    Classical to ethno jazz - latest CD Southern impressions. "What is the accordion like? Unexploited range of colours, like the organ, the wind instrument or perhaps singing like the violin, generally assimilating to any instrument." Zbigniew Kozlik


  • LusoTango Quintet RECORDINGS
    Dedicated to Astor Piazzolla. Exciting samples, Flash required.




  • Hans Palm's Accordion Page SHEET MUSIC & RECORDINGS
    I'm specially fond of folk music but I've tried most styles. I've also composed a couple of tunes.




    has become well established on the traditional music scene. His chosen instruments are the button box and tin whistles and he is recognised for his dynamic style and energy.
  • Mumford & Sons RECORDINGS
    from London play a blend of country, bluegrass and indie-folk. And they have an accordion.
  • Nikolai Ryskov RECORDINGS
    studied bayan with Nikolai Komissarov, Igor Siroyezhkin and Frederick Lips. His repertoire covers classical music, international popular music, French musettes and Russian folk music.
    has developed his own unique approach to the art of accordion playing and his innovative style is instantly recognisable.
  • Slim's Cyder Co. RECORDINGS
    We are a band based in London (England) playing Goodtime music - a mixture of Country, Western Swing, R&B, and Rock 'n' Roll.
  • The Cat's Whiskers Barn Dance Band SHEET MUSIC & RECORDINGS
    play for ceilidhs, hoe-downs and barn dances at weddings, parties and clubs. The band's wide repertoire is drawn from the English, Scottish, Irish and American traditions.
  • The Stationary Willberries RECORDINGS
    Folk, Rock 'n Roll, Country, Blues and Cajun done the Isle of Man way.


  • 3 Leg Torso RECORDINGS
    is an ensemble that has one foot in modern chamber music, one foot in Eastern European music and one foot that is always ready to surprise you by popping up in the oddest of places.
  • Avraham Solomon SHEET MUSIC
    offers a full array of Live Jewish wedding music entertainment services from a Jewish one-man-band or DJ to A Capella or a 30 piece Jewish wedding orchestra. He has a large database of Free Jewish sheet music.
    We're a bunch of Americans in Seattle whose passion is playing dance music from the southern Balkans: Bulgaria and Macedonia, mostly, plus a few tunes from surrounding countries.
  • DeLuxe Vaudeville Orchestra RECORDINGS
    With one foot in the 30's and one foot on Mars, DVO is the ultimate self-contained Variety show band. Led by accordionist Lenny DeLuxe, they are a special group of talented, versatile, and really nice people.
  • Don Grzanna RECORDINGS
    performs with the Don Grzanna Band, as a solo accordionist (Midi and acoustic) and as a pianist. Performing many styles of music, German music is his specialty.
  • Frank Mucedola RECORDINGS
    The Frank Mucedola Sextette gives an instrumental treatment to some standard tunes selected because of their timelessness, rhythmically and tastefully arranged for easy listening.
  • Henry Doktorski RECORDINGS
    Pianist, organist, accordionist, composer, conductor, author, educator. "Real Musical Depth." The Washington Post
  • Kim and Dan Christian RECORDINGS
    Dan and Kim have performed throughout the United States. No job is either too large or too small!
  • LynnMarie RECORDINGS
    Nashville polka music recording artist plays a unique style of polka-folk music. This engaging and talented button accordionist is an energetic entertainer.
  • Michael S. Horwood RECORDINGS
    As a composer of classical concert music, I have created over sixty original musical compositions in a great variety of vocal, instrumental, and electroacoustic combinations.
  • Peter Soave RECORDINGS
    Accordion and bandoneon virtuoso.
  • Rootsworld JukeBox RECORDINGS
    Artists and bands that feature the accordion or other free reeds.
  • Shawn's Kugel SHEET MUSIC
    This site was set up as a resource site for those interested in Klezmer/Jewish Folk music and for interested parties to preview my band.
  • Stas Venglevski RECORDINGS
    The brilliant artistry and musical virtuosity of Stas afford an expanded dimension in music and an innovative musical adventure to the audience.
  • The Bala Hounds RECORDINGS
    "Good playing is reinforced by some clever arrangements and ... by the end of the trip they have a full net of good tunes." Dirty Linen
  • The Wholesale Klezmer Band RECORDINGS
    performs music for both Jewish and general audiences that expresses Jewish values of justice and peace.
  • Tin Hat Trio RECORDINGS
    is an acoustic chamber group whose music is both skillfully honed and inspiringly spontaneous.

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