Accordion – Sheet Music and Recordings


  • AirPDF | MP3 (treble g-g#''', bass Gb-C#)
    An impression of nature.
  • Alle Jahre wiederPDF | MP3 (treble g-g#''', bass Gb-C#)
    For those of us who are tired of playing the same old Christmas carols again.
  • Chained EscapeePDF | MP3 (treble b-c''', bass Db-E)
    The idea of the piece is a prisoner who tries to escape and finally succeeds. Similarities to existing individuals are unintended.
  • ChaosPDF | MP3 (treble f#-e''', bass Ab-D#)
    Not really what the title says but rather turbulent.
  • DawnPDF | MP3 (treble g-bb'', bass Eb-E)
    Description of a sunrise.
  • English DancePDF | MP3 (treble eb'-eb''', bass Eb-A)
    In honour of the great British actor Ian Richardson for the movie House of Cards.
  • Funny BunnyPDF (treble a-e''', bass Eb-C#)
  • HumoresquePDF | MP3 (treble ab-g''', bass Db-B)
    There are many humorous tunes in Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. This theme varies one of them. There is a brief quotation from the original in measures 32 to 37.
  • Imago FebrisPDF | MP3 (treble c'-ab'', bass Gb-D)
    Fever image. Not health freak's thing.
  • JesterPDF | MP3 (treble b-f#''', bass Bb-F#)
    Dedicated to any court-fool bringing his ruler under his control. Other fools may of course feel honoured as well.
  • Last But One MarchPDF | MP3 (treble d'-c''', bass Cb-G)
    In case you find the last one please let me know.
  • Last But One WaltzPDF | MP3 (treble a-a'', bass Gb-A)
    In case you find the last one please let me know.
  • PantagruelPDF | MP3 (treble g-bb'', bass Db-E)
    How would you imagine a drunken giant staggering around? The piece goes back to the novel Gargantua and Pantagruel by Francois Rabelais.
  • Path of LeosPDF | MP3 (treble b-e''', bass Ab-G#)
    Written under the impression of Leos Janacek's piano composition On an Overgrown Path.
  • RoadrunnerPDF | MP3 (treble g-f''', bass Bb-B)
    The chaparral cock, nothing else. Sound your horn.
  • SailedPDF | MP3 (treble ab-g'', bass Cb-D)
    This piece tries to imitate the rolling of the boat and the wind.
  • SorrowPDF | MP3 (treble a-c''', bass Bb-B)
    No comment.
  • Tango SecoPDF | MP3 (treble b-ab'', bass Eb-E)
    In Spanish seco means dry. A dry tango? Maybe.
  • UphillPDF | MP3 (treble b-g''', bass Eb-B)
    Mountaineer's delight, first contemplative and later strenuous.
  • WavesPDF | MP3 (treble c#'-g''', bass Gb-A#)
    An impression of nature.


  • African QueenPDF (accordion and guitar, acc: treble c'-e''')
  • SprintPDF | MP3 (2 accordions, acc 1: treble eb'-c''', acc 2: treble b-f''', bass Ab-D)

Recordings of other works

  • Franz Schubert, Andantino from Quintet for Piano and Strings in A (Trout Quintet)MP3
    This recording of 1977 is published here as accordionists rarely perform the piece. We did not seriously expect to sound like string instruments, musical adaptions have always been an ambivalent matter. The piano was a grand, it is just an ancient recording.
  • March ParodyMP3
    There is a little march in Georg Espitalier's Vier Musikantenstücke for accordion orchestra. This is a synthesizer parody from the 80's. There was actually no reason to parody the piece but the result is fairly acceptable.

Please substitute treble registers this way if necessary - CLARINET instead of HARMONIUM and CELESTE, HARMONIUM instead of ACCORDION, ORGAN and CELESTE.

German bass notation

  • E = single E (counter)
  • C = single C (fundamental)
  • c = chord C (major chord)
  • cm = chord Cm (minor chord)
  • c7 = chord C7 (7th chord)
  • cv = chord Cdim (diminished chord)

German sharp (#) and flat (b) notation

  • is instead of # and es instead of b
  • samples: Cis=C#, Gis=G#, Ces=Cb, Ges=Gb
  • exceptions: H=B, B=Bb, Es=Eb, As=Ab